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Dr. Mutaka Alolo

Dr. Alolo has 5 years international experience in lecturing, consultancy work, research and training in finance and energy. He has special interest and expertise in areas such as the evaluation of investments in renewable energy technologies, Real Options, Derivatives, Financial markets, Empirical evaluation of energy policies, Energy economics and policy, Energy markets, Risk Management and Corporate finance. Dr Alolo taught financial analysis, accounting, finance and risk management at the University of Hull, UK. He has undertaken substantial research including a University of Hull funded project on the price quantity correlation effect on timing of renewable energy investment in the UK. Dr Alolo also worked as a chief financial officer for Igroup Ghana LTD and Brilliant Ideas Ghana LTD. Dr Alolo is currently the executive director of the Institute of Energy and Climate Change Policy (IECP, Ghana), a policy think tank with concentration on energy, climate change and agricultural policies and investments, where he is currently working on various projects. Dr Alolo holds a first degree in Information Studies from the University of Ghana, MSC Financial Management from the University of Hull and PhD Finance (Evaluation of Renewable Energy Investments and Policies) from the University of Hull, UK.

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