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Captain Mohamed Ahmed M. Al Hashidi

Captain Mohamed Ahmed  M. Al Hashidi has a distinguished career in the airline industry covering 25 years.  He started as a Meteorologist and developed his career into a Captain of the A380 Airbus in what is, arguably, the world’s best airline – Emirates Airlines. These years of experience include, but are not limited to, weather forecasting, risk assessment and management of day to day operations on challenging international routes, handling dangerous cargo, diversions, managing flight problems and incidents, and communicating with different aviation and technical authorities across the world. The highlights of his career include:


  • A total of more than 20 years as a pilot with over 12,000 flying hours;
  • Five years as a Meteorological Forecaster in the U.A.E Air Force;
  • Three years flying as Captain on Airbus A380;
  • 13 years flying as the Captain on Airbus A330 / A340;
  • Three years as Test Pilot on Airbus A330;
  • Five years as Senior First Officer and Simulator trainer on Air bus A320, with Gulf Air in Bahrain and Qatar; and
  • Six years as Meteorological Forecaster in the U.A.E Air Force.


Captain Al Hashidi has:

§  A Degree in Aviation Meteorology from the Civil Aviation College in Doha, Qatar (1993);

§  A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) from  the British Aerospace Flying College in Prestwick, Scotland (1994);

§  The American Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) (1997); and

§  A Diploma in English, St Michael’s College, Burlington, Vermont,  (1985).


His many skills in the aviation industry includes resource management,  handling and transporting dangerous goods and training cadet pilots in the Simulator.  He is fluent in Arabic and English.







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