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Dr. Ahmed Al-Jam’an Eissa Saleh

Occupied several posts in Abqaiq Governorate

Dr. Ahmed Al-Jam’an Eissa Saleh was Governor of Qurayyat Al-Ulya Governorate from November 2011 to February 2014. Before his transfer…read more

Dr. Adil A. Hamid

Resource Person on Academic Institutions and Islamic Finance:

Dr. Adil A. Hamid is a Business Consultant, Academic Advisor, and Trainer with over 30 years experience in high impact…read more

Captain Mohamed Ahmed M. Al Hashidi

Resource person on international airline industry:

Captain Mohamed Ahmed  M. Al Hashidi has a distinguished career in the airline industry covering 25 years.  He started as…read more

Mr. Elias Masilela

Resource Person on Private Equity and Economic Research

Mr. Elias Masilela is Executive Chairman, DNA Economics, Johannesburg; Commissioner, 1st & 2nd National Planning Commission (NPC) of South Africa;…read more

Mr. Lamin Daffeh

Resource Person on: social Integration; charitable organizations etc.

Mr. Lamin Daffeh is the Founder and CEO of the Fresh Start Foundation and the Executive Director of Heeno International.…read more

Dr Michael Mah’moud

Resource Person on Finance and Economic Integration

Dr Michael Mah’moud is a Financial Economist and Development Management Expert, who currently consults for various organizations including the African…read more

Dr. Mutaka Alolo

Resource Person on Finance and Renewable Energy

Dr. Alolo has 5 years international experience in lecturing, consultancy work, research and training in finance and energy. He has…read more

Dr. Muhammed Lamin Sanyang

Resource Person for Environmental Research and Engineering.

Dr.Muhammed Lamin Sanyang is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Laboratory of Biocomposite Technology at the Institute of Tropical Forestry…read more

Mustapha Njie

Resource Person for Property Development in Africa:

Mr. Mustapha Njie is one of Africa’s most successful property developers. Mr. Njie’s Group, Taf Africa Homes, is present in…read more

Ms. Natasha Léger

Resource person on United States trade policies, healthy living etc.

Ms. Natasha Léger is President and founder of ITF Advisors, LLC in Denver, Colorado. She was an adjunct professor at…read more

Dr. Nursilah Ahmad

Resource Person on Islamic Finance and International Macroeconomics.

Dr. Nursilah Ahmad is currently a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Economics and Muamalat, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).…read more

Dr. Raynauld D. Russon

Resource person on emotional intelligence, elections and social research.

Dr. Raynauld D. Russon is Director of the Institute of Commerce and Management SA in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was:…read more